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Paul Peic is a very down-to-earth and patient yoga teacher, and instructor in the art of stand up paddleboarding in Toronto. He shows enthusiasts how to stay fit while enjoying themselves practicing this unique exercise. Paul also teaches a stand up paddle boarding advanced class…

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Thanks to the wonders of the interwebs, I stumbled upon Paddleboard Addict when I was looking for a spot to take an intro class with a group of friends. I had searched initially on Yelp but options came up short (following this review that will…

Paddleboard lessons offered at Bluffer’s Park

Paul Peic makes it look so easy.
The kite boarder and power paraglider took up paddleboarding a few years ago and decided to start teaching people how to paddleboard at Bluffer’s Park in Scarborough this summer. As he glides through the calm, flat water in…

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Very patient teacher, knowledgeable about the sport and local environment. Easy going and fun. My 10 year old son and I had a great time and can't wait to try SUP again.
Thanks Paul for the amazing experience, your warm personality and extensive knowledge made learning easy :)
It was a wonderful experience. The instructor, was friendly, knowledgeable, and very encouraging. The weather was perfect, and the paddleboards were surprisingly easy to handle.
The experience was awesome! Great workout and would definitely do it again!
My friends and I had a great time with Paddleboard Addict. It was lovely to try a new sport and enjoy the beauty that is within reach of the city. Thank you, Paddleboard Addict!
A great introduction to paddleboarding. Care was taken to ensure that each new paddle board addict ended the season with confidence to take on new waters.
Great instructor. He showed us a lot of great features about the bluffs that I hadn't known before. Really enjoyed my lesson overall. Based on this experience, I would definitely do stand up paddleboarding again!
Will definitely return, really enjoyed the experience and was a great price.
Great experience for kids, good confidence builder. We have a child that never likes anything, but loved this! She had a great time! I would recommend it, and the price is affordable!
Instructor was super friendly, energetic and patient. He gave us a tour of the area, took pictures for us and even emailed them to me. My friends and I had an amazing time and would definitely recommend to anyone!
A lot of fun. It was a good place to learn because the water was so calm. It did become more complicated once you approached the open water (waves). The instructor was very friendly and informative.
Tour/training was awesome. 10x better than expected. Friends were awed by the eccotour.
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